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Andy Gonzalez

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Andy Gonzales - Kids and Teens Coach

At the age of 18 Coach Andy joined his first jiu jitsu class, a sport that quickly became his life’s passion. Under the tutelage of instructor Eduardo Goncalves, Andy developed into one of Palm Athlete and now he is one of our coaches for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kids and Teens programs.

Andy believes in fostering a supportive and respectful atmosphere where young martial artists can thrive. He focuses on building confidence, discipline, and technical proficiency in his students, helping them grow both on and off the mats.

With a string of gold medals, Andy brings real-world competitive experience to his teaching. His commitment to the development of young martial artists is evident in his patient and encouraging coaching style.
Andy’s journey from a beginner to a brown belt competitor serves as an inspiration to all his students.

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